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Secure Patient Data Capture

Replace time-intensive manual data entry with HIPAA-secure mobile forms, complete with electronic signature fields, one-tap checklists, pre-filled dropdown menus, image capture fields, and much more.

Whether you need patient intake forms, medical history/assessment forms, or even employee timesheets, GoFormz can support your home health care staff.

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Route Data Through Automation & Workflows

Safely and automatically route collected data where it needs to go. Eliminate administrative bottlenecks by sending notifications, pre-filled forms, and/or completed reports to the right people & integrated data systems based on your own custom conditions.

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Enhance patient satisfaction by streamlining critical processes like patient onboarding, medical evaluation, billing, and much more.

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Improve Patient Care Through Real-Time Data Insights

"As much as we can talk about their care and describe it, it’s when you see those numbers and show them these patterns, that puts people at ease… we need to extract what we think is meaningful to them, and GoFormz helps us with that.”

-Terri Abelar, CEO, Aging Solutions

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Securely Store, Share, and Analyze Data Faster

Pre-populate forms with patient contact information and relevant medical history, use skip-logic and required fields to make sure patients (and staff) fill out the data you need, or use auto-calculations to compute costs and/or score questionnaires automatically.

Additionally, use GoFormz’s pre-built data integrations for document storage. You may also contact GoFormz support to discuss configurations with your current EHR or how to best utilize our open API to send and receive form data from the software platforms you already use.

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Transform your home health care business with secure, smart mobile forms

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