Extend GoFormz to hundreds of web applications.

Use GoFormz and Zapier to connect with your existing technology stack.

  • Leverage existing workflows and systems
  • Find powerful new ways to improve your business with GoFormz
  • Avoid costly integrations
  • Automate business processes

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1: Upload your current forms

Upload your current paper form or checklist and GoFormz will automatically mobilize your form and size it for use on any mobile phone or tablet.

2: Create connections between GoFormz and your apps

Map GoFormz fields to corresponding objects in 3rd-party web applications using Zapier. Configure triggers, actions and default values.

3: Start sharing the data

Pre-populate your forms with 3rd party application data. Push completed form data (or pdfs) from GoFormz to your web application.

GoFormz is a critical partner in our process. Being able to document everything that is happening out in the field and sync it up when back in the office makes our operation more efficient.”

— Anders Pedersen, Run Energy