Collaborate better with teammates, customers and departments

Achieve better communication, faster processing times and elevated teamwork.

Accelerate Team Assignments

Enable co-workers to collaborate on the same job. Transfer forms, establish field-level rules, enforce sign-off requirements and much more.

Avoid Costly Redundancy

Logic in your forms enable teammates to work on the same form without overwriting each other’s work.

Provide new information to customers and partners

Collaborate with your customers and partners. Add them to your GoFormz account and share your forms (without compromising sensitive data). They can review status in real time, or when you hit new milestones. Modernize how you communicate, and increase customer satisfaction and improve partner operations.

Track your operations and make your teams more efficient

Review current data from live and completed forms and make adjustments in real time. Boost the productivity, compliance and accuracy of your business.

Prevent delays and bad data

Because forms are available for you to review as soon as your colleagues complete them, you can process them faster, address errors sooner, and finish tasks earlier.