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Technology never stops evolving—neither should your forms. Digitize your legacy paper forms, and realize significant savings in time and budget. With centralized data and Cloud storage, instantly access your information and keep sensitive data secure, at all times.

Capture more accurate data, faster with calculated fields and pick-lists. Sync data collected from your mobile forms into your company's workflows and other back-end systems. Instantaneous data empowers your team to implement technology solutions and updates in real-time.

Life with GoFormz in the Technology Industry:

Work On Any Device, Anywhere

With GoFormz, work on any desktop or mobile device. Offline data capture allows your team to complete IT and remote tech work, with or without a signal.

Secure Data, Peace of Mind

Don’t cry over leaked data—with GoFormz, your data is stored securely in the Cloud, preventing data leaks and privacy snafus.

Seamless Backend Integrations

Route your data to your crucial tech platforms. Streamline your end-to-end workflow by integrating your mobile forms with other business systems and processes.

Technology + GoFormz Success Stories

Matt Whipps

President of Arixio says:

“I cannot stress enough the importance of the multi-touch signature capability, I had searched high and low for this and you were the only vendor!”

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