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Enhance supply chain visibility and fleet management with real-time data and mobile forms

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Increase accountability with automation, integrations and reporting

Drive performance and gain insight with GoFormz for Transportation & Logistics. Increase supply chain visibility and streamline fleet management, with instantaneous data—empowering your team to better track inventory, order progress and customer requests. Leverage powerful, up-to-date reporting to effortlessly monitor supply-chain operations and important trends.

Improve customer satisfaction and order efficiency with modernized collaboration. Work seamlessly with customers and suppliers utilizing field-level rules and form sharing—without fear of overwriting work or compromising sensitive data.

Logistics life with GoFormz

Simplify Supply Chain and Fleet Management

Own your projects end-to-end. Monitor operations at every stage with real-time data, instantaneous status reports, and GPS data.

Hassle Free Cooperation

Balance department goals like a pro. With a plethora of form integrations, data can easily be shared with various back-end systems, to fit the needs of each team.

Cut Costs, Not Corners

Inventory and fleet management have outgrown pen and paper. Stop waiting on manual handoffs- rapidly transfer data from form fields to key players with automated routing, for significant time and money savings.

Transportation + GoFormz Success Stories

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