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Enhance supply chain visibility with real-time data and mobile forms

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Increase accountability with automation, integrations and reporting

Drive performance and gain insight with GoFormz for Transportation & Logistics. Increase supply chain visibility with instantaneous data—empowering your team to better track inventory, order progress and customer requests. Leverage powerful, up-to-date reporting to effortlessly monitor supply-chain operations and important trends.

Improve customer satisfaction and order efficiency with modernized collaboration. Work seamlessly with customers and suppliers utilizing field-level rules and form sharing—without fear of overwriting work or compromising sensitive data.

Logistics life with GoFormz

Track Operations from Start to Finish

Own your projects end-to-end. Monitor operations at every stage with real-time data, instantaneous status reports, and GPS data.

Hassle Free Cooperation

Balance department goals like a pro. With a plethora of form integrations, data can easily be shared with various back-end systems, to fit the needs of each team.

Cut Costs, Not Corners

Inventory management has outgrown pen and paper—stop waiting on manual handoffs. Rapidly transfer data from form fields to key players with automated routing, for significant time and money savings.

Transportation + GoFormz Success Stories

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