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Streamline construction data capture and dispatch pre-populated mobile forms

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Instantly save completed forms to BIM 360 projects

Automatically save completed GoFormz mobile forms to corresponding BIM 360 project records – eliminating the need for manual data entry, and simplifying construction document management.

Easily include sketches, photos, and GPS data in your digital forms

Collect job site Images, Sketches, GPS, and Signatures

With GoFormz, increase visibility into job site activities by collecting new data types (like Sketches and Maps) and dynamically attaching Images to BIM 360 project records and RFIs.

Capture data while offline at remote sites

GoFormz mobile forms are fully functional offline, allowing users to pre-populate form fields, complete calculations, and more, from any job site, even without a cell signal or WiFi.

GoFormz mobile forms are fully functional offline, allowing teams to capture field data anywhere, even without a signal
Embed form logic and leverage dynamic field properties to increase BIM 360 data completeness and accuracy

Increase data accuracy via form logic

Easily enforce data capture rules with embedded form logic and Dynamic Field Properties. Leveraging features like Required fields and Automatic Calculations, data is sanitized prior to form submission – increasing BIM 360 data completeness and accuracy.

Initiate new BIM 360 RFIs with mobile forms

Using an automated workflow, initiate new project RFIs once a mobile form has been completed, fill them with form data and attach a PDF of the original mobile form. The ability to initiate BIM 360 Submittals, Issues, and more, can be added upon request.

Use GoFormz mobile forms to trigger the creation of new BIM 360 project RFIs

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